Worlds Most Advance 7 Layer Authentication Tag

On Pack Tag Placement

Paper board Tags

Taffeta Tags

Label Tags
(Available in I,L,U,C)

The unique 7 layers are mix of Overt & Covert features encompassing digital tech, security pigments and printing technique. It’s a bit like giving products or even materials like plastics, coatings, or inks their own unique DNA. We would love to tell you more about " How we do it " but to protect your brand from counterfeiter we shall keep the recipe secret. Please reach out to us for further discussion. We would love to have cup of coffee with you.

7 layers

Encrypted QR Code

qr code

On Pack Printing & Scanning

The Encrypted QR Codes give a unique digital life to each product and are secured by AI driven technology. Each code is passive until unless it passes the activation lens. Further these codes cannot be copied. Even we cannot reproduce the same code again. We guarantee results. Interested, Lets Talk!

Visual Cryptography

cmyk cmyk

Unique Crypto Signatures are directly embedded in packaging and are invisible to naked eyes. The signature can be verified only via TrustTags customized application. The route does not require any capex at client end and empowers its internal team to be a vigilance tribe. Unbelievable right - Try us ! We would be happy to build a POC for you to believe this. Request a demo today..